After leaving secondary school Jon-Allan joined the RAF in 2002 and served in Afghanistan in 2005 and Iraq in 2007 as a SAC(T) Weapons technician. On 4 August 2007 he was involved in a rocket attack on Basra Air Station, Iraq. He was operated on by doctors in a battlefield hospital who carried out an above the elbow amputation of his left arm.

Inspired by this experience and watching athletes such as Sir Chris Hoy in the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 he attended a selection weekend in Newport and was accepted onto the British Paracycling Programme in January 2009.

Following this Jon-Allan decided that it was time he left the RAF, and focus his efforts on becoming an elite paracyclist. The RAF Association has helped to support Jon-Allan on this journey.

Jon-Allan was selected to represent in country once more as part of ParalympicsGB at the London 2012 Games where he went onto win three silver medals.

Despite cycling for only a few years he has achieved a great deal and his family are all very proud of him for his achievements, not only in cycling but for overcoming and embracing new challenges in life since his tour in Iraq.

Not one to shy away from a challenge Jon-Allan starred in Channel 4’s 2015 series of “The Jump” where he finished 6th and became the first above elbow amputee to do a skeleton run!

He also took part in a celebrity driving challenge at the prestigious ‘Race of Champions’ 2015 event which was held in London’s Olympic stadium.